Donate Furniture


Are you planning to move to your new dream home?

Do you have lots of furniture that you might not require in your new life in a new place? 

Excess furniture indeed offers lots of stress before your big move day. However, you should definitely need not worry about the unwanted furniture when you can always opt for donating furniture in Melbourne option

We do realize how stressful moving can be for you and your family. The sheer number of belongings and the very thought of packing them can be highly overwhelming. Additionally, you have other things to worry about, like selecting the right removalist, making a budget for your move, informing people about your change of address, and so on. 

While planning and preparing for your big moveyou may realize that you have numerous pre-loved goods as furniture items that you can consider decluttering. Read all about the benefits of decluttering and donating at the end of the blog. 

Now, you must be wondering who will be interested in picking up your discarded furnitureWell, it will be a relief for you to know that there are numerous charity collections picked up in Melbourne for whom the unwanted furniture is of great use. 

You can easily find suitable donate furniture to charity pick up Melbourne organizations that accept and deal in such old furniture donations. Many of these firms do not even charge anything and provide a donate furniture pick-up free service to people in Melbourne. 

If you are interested to donate furniture in Melbourne but are unable to connect with the right people, then the below-curated list seems to be a perfect match for you!  

Ways you can Donate your Furniture in Melbourne

Let us discuss the various options available for donating your furniture without putting in extra effort in detail:

Enquire with Relatives and Friends

enquire with relatives and friends

The first option you can try is to determine if any of your friends or family members need any of your furniture items, such as your sofas or dining tables. If you have usable furniture in good condition that might require a little repairing, then someone well acquainted with you will not hesitate to pick it up.

Posting on Facebook or making a phone call can help you locate someone interested in such furniture. You need not even worry about arranging to transport the furniture as most probably the interested persons will arrange for the pick-up themselves.

Facebook Market

faceboook market

Another option to donate furniture to Melbourne is to send images of your good condition furniture to Facebook Marketplace. People interested in such furniture will be able to see what items you are giving away.  This method is effective and will help you give away your unwanted furniture items in minimum effort.

Make a Local Donation

make a local donation

You have the option to give away your unwanted furniture at places like homeless shelters, which are nearby to where you stay. Such kind of free collection service ensures that your furniture benefits the homeless people who stay at these shelters You can also give away unwanted items at op shops in Melbourne that are known for their charity work.

Conduct a Garage Sale

conduct a garage sale

Another option you can think of is to conduct a garage sale where you can give away smaller furniture items to people who are at a disadvantage and have no means to buy household items.

Donating to Charities

Donating furniture

The best way to give away your unwanted belongings is to donate furniture to charity pick-up Melbourne. There are various charity organizations that are eager to receive donations so that they can help people in need. All that you need to take care of is that the furniture you give is not damaged and in a usable condition. You do not have to bother about minor scratches or faint signs of wear and tear. Overall, the furniture should be in a condition fit to be used.

With our help, finding the right donation pick-up Melbourne charity organization will not be a difficult task. The list we have prepared will make your selection easier.

A list of Reputed Charity Organizations in Melbourne

1. Brotherhood of St Laurence

Brotherhood of St Laurence

One of Melbourne’s oldest charities, it was formed as early as 1930. The organization’s mission is to help prevent poverty and ease the suffering of the poor. They accept donations like furniture, clothing, books, or electrical appliances.



It is an online platform that enables charities to list items that their clients need. People who want to donate can go through the list and decide about which charity they want to donate their items to. The platform even displays the condition of the recipient and why he/she needs the charity.

3.  West Welcome Wagon

West Welcome Wagon

This is another reputed organization in West Melbourne, run by volunteers. It supports numerous families annually and accepts donations like clothes, appliances, and furniture items like drawers or tables. They are a popular furniture donation pick-up Melbourne and provide pick-up services to many areas in and around Melbourne.

4. St Kilda Mums

It is a charity that caters only to families with babies and children. The foundation works with maternal health nurses and other local agencies, collecting furniture needed for babies, such as cots and other children’s items.

5. Family Life

family life


Since 1970, this organization has been taking care of vulnerable children and other underprivileged people. It has been working hard for the welfare of families, and young people, and providing them with counseling and other support to give them a better life. You can support the organization by donating pre-loved goods and furniture you may not require at your new location.

6. Sacred Heart Mission

Sacred Heart Mission

It is a reputed, no-profit organization that has helped many families in distress. They are supported by many volunteers and other charity-minded people. Together they help needy people with services like protection against domestic violence and even provide homes for elderly people. They accept any goods that are in acceptable condition, such as household items and furniture. It is an apt organization for those who desire to donate electrical goods to Charity Melbourne.

We are hopeful the above list we have put together helps you choose the right organization for your needs. Giving away unwanted furniture and other items to reputed charities will go a long way to reduce your stress while moving.

We will discuss the benefits of decluttering and donating now.

Benefits of Decluttering and Donating

Decluttering your home and donating furniture you do not need provides you with these multiple benefits:

  • Begin Life Afresh

It helps you start your life at your new residence on a positive note with only those items that you really need.

  • Gain More Space

When you declutter and donate unwanted furniture, you create more space in your new home and open hands for a new life.

  • Get a Cleaner Living Space


When you dispose of unnecessary furniture, your living environment attracts less dust and becomes easy to maintain. This will greatly improve the health of you and your family members.

  • Reduce Time on packing/unpacking

With decluttering, you lessen the wastage of precious time spent on packing and unpacking items you may not use at all.

Bring Down Moving Costs

A significant benefit is that with furniture donation, you can also reduce your moving bills. This is because some movers calculate your moving costs on the volume of goods they transport.

Moreover, with only lesser items, the time taken to pack and transport will be relatively less. This will reduce your bill if the movers are calculating on the basis of time spent for the moving process.

Donating furniture will also give you the satisfaction of helping needy people since you give them the furniture that they cannot afford to buy. Make sure to select a furniture donation pickup center that has a good reputation in Melbourne.

Yet another valuable benefit of hosting a free furniture collection in Melbourne is that you are also ensuring your unwanted items do not end up in landfills and harm the environment. Indeed the most practical step you could take is to donate furniture to charity pick-up centers that will pass them on to people who need help.

So, without further delay, start by list the items you do not require, and donating furniture to an appropriate charity organization in Melbourne.