An interstate move from Brisbane to Melbourne is always difficult to plan. There are so many things to do, and so much furniture to sort out. It can be a burden to figure out where to get the boxes you need, what packing material would be needed to protect your belongings when they’re making the long journey across state. You might even end up missing out on some items, which can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Stress free Removalists

Yes Movers are the interstate removalists that can help you deal with such stressful situations. We have all the experience needed to move your furniture from one state to the other. Yes Movers will do all the packing, sorting and moving for you so that you can remain free of any stress. All you will need to do is tell us where to put all the furniture at your new house!

How much does it cost to move from Brisbane to Melbourne?

Costs generally depend on how much furniture you have to move. Yes Movers chooses to price at an hourly basis as that would be the cheapest option for the customer. If you’re moving a three-bedroom house from Brisbane to Melbourne, which is nearly a 2,000 km journey would cost around $140 per hour. A two-bedroom house, however, would only be $120 per hour.

How do our Brisbane to Melbourne removalists work?

Dealing with Yes Movers while moving from Brisbane to Melbourne is fairly easy.

  • Once you decide when you want to move, you can ask for a quote by filling in the enquiry form.
  • You will get a quotation from us.
  • If the quotation works for you, you can set the dates for moving according to your convenience.
  • On the moving day, our professional movers will arrive at your house and start the moving process
  • We will help you settle down in your new house in Melbourne

Why choose yes Movers as Your interstate removals?

When moving interstate from Brisbane to Melbourne, you will need professional removalists who have plenty of experience. Yes Movers come with more than 15 years of moving houses. We have always ensured maximum satisfaction to our customers as excellent interstate removalists. We have all the information you would expect Melbourne interstate removalists to have and more. Yes Movers can also help you deal with furniture you may not want at your new place.

We are the Cheapest Brisbane to Melbourne Furniture Removalists in Australia

If you compare Yes Movers with most other Melbourne removalists, you will find that we have the cheapest prices, mainly because we use an hourly price system. This way, you would be paying for only the time that we would be working to move your furniture from Brisbane to Melbourne. You’ll not only be able to save money but also get quality service from Yes Movers. There are no hidden costs either.

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The best interstate removalist

If you’re looking for the best interstate removalist, then there is none better than Yes Movers. When moving interstate from Brisbane to Melbourne, you will need removalists who are efficient in their work. With more than 15 years of experience, Yes Movers are exactly what you’re looking for. When compared with other interstate removalists, we offer quality services, including providing all the packing materials you will need.

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Moving from Brisbane to Melbourne during covid-19

With new variants of COVID-19 continue to cause a surge in cases, we have taken extra precautions to ensure your safety during your intestate move. All our professional removalists are fully vaccinated. Additionally, they will also be wearing masks throughout the moving process to make sure everyone is protected. So, if you have to move houses during a pandemic, we are still here to meet your interstate removals requirements.

The ultimate interstate removals at your service

With Yes Movers, you will not only get the cheapest interstate removals but also the best in quality. We ensure that every job is done with efficiency and that all your belongings are safe. Any information you will need will be provided by the people handling your furniture as they are very experienced at what they do. You can be rest assured that your moving process will be as smooth as possible.

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Questions in mind? Read our FAQs

You can find many Melbourne removalists when you look on the internet. But the key is to find removal companies that are professional and can provide high quality services. The best thing you can do is go on the website and see what all they offer as part of their moving service. You must also look for testimonials to see if they are good Brisbane to Melbourne removalists. Yes Movers, for instance, provides excellent service to all its customers every single time.
Yes Movers can accommodate same day moving requests. However, to get the best out of fantastic service, it would be great if you can give as much notice as you can. That way, we can ensure the interstate removalist job can go as smoothly as possible.
Yes Movers has Public Liability insurance with respect to your property at the pickup and drop off locations. For the furniture itself, we provide a break and repair guarantee. If you feel that any of your furniture has not been handled properly and has resulted in damage, you can fill up a form and we will resolve the issue. But this service does not cover jewellery, cash or phone and laptops and other such electronic devices.
The time taken to pack all your furniture would ideally depend on how many items you have. Yes Movers has professional packers who take the utmost care during the entire process of moving them into the truck. On an average, a three-bedroom house can take about five to six hours, while a one bedroom house may be done in two to three hours.
Customers can pay through cash or card, depending on their comfort. The payment will need to be done immediately after the moving is completed.


  • We had two professional removalists from Yes Movers for our interstate removalist job and they provide the most excellent service. They took care of all our furniture! It was completely stress free and easily one of the best removal companies - Alise
  • The moving company we hired for our interstate removalist job did a fantastic job. Yes Movers sent a professional team and from the moment the truck arrived, everything was handled smoothly without any problems. We were at complete peace throughout the process. I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for interstate removalists. - Hamley
  • Yes Movers were wonderful when I hired them as my Melbourne interstate removalist. Their relocation services were completely professional and the movers who came to our house knew what they were doing. It was exceptional service and I would highly recommend them.- Roger