There could be many reasons for having to move from Melbourne to Brisbane. You may be making a career move or it could be because of personal reasons. Making that interstate move, however, cannot be all that easy. You need professional removalists to help you with it.

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There is a lot of stress involved when it comes to moving from Melbourne to Brisbane. A lot of planning goes into shifting your life from one state to the other. What you need us stress free interstate removalists like Yes Movers who can take care of every small detail without giving you any hassle.

How much does it cost to move from Melbourne to Brisbane?

If you’re planning on moving furniture from a three-bedroom house from Melbourne to Brisbane, Yes Movers would typically charge around $140 per hour. The fare is not standard, however. It changes according to the amount of furniture you have. You will, of course, be only charged for the time we work in packing and moving your stuff. A one-bedroom house, on the other hand, costs around $115 per hour.

How does yes movers Interstate removalists Melbourne to Brisbane work?

If you’re wondering if the process to get interstate removalists is a complicated one, you have no reason to worry. Yes Movers has a fairly simple process. You will just need to do a couple of things to get access to our fantastic service.

  • Go to the Yes Movers website and fill out the form with all the details about moving from Melbourne to Brisbane.
  • We will provide you with the estimated price in a quote for you to review.
  • If the terms of the quote are agreeable for you, you can schedule our services for the date you need them.
  • On the scheduled day, professional removalists from Yes Movers will reach your house and begin the process of packing and moving.
  • Once we reach the destination, our trained staff will also ensure you settle down at your new place by unpacking the furniture and putting them where you need them.

Why choose Yes Movers as Your interstate removals?

When making the interstate move from Melbourne to Brisbane, there are a number of things to take care of. It can get difficult if you have to do the packing for the whole house all by yourself. You may not even have all the packing materials you will need. Instead, getting a residential removals company such as Yes Movers is the better option. We make sure all your belongings are taken care of and reach the destination without damage so that you can be at complete peace. We even work on the weekends, so you can schedule our service at your convenience.

We are the Cheapest Melbourne to Brisbane Furniture Removalists in Australia

You may be worried that hiring interstate removals company can be an expensive affair. On the other hand, you may also worry that going for a cheap option means you might not get quality service. But with Yes Movers, you get both the options. We are affordable Melbourne movers who still provide high quality services. You can compare quotes with other companies. You will find that Yes Movers has the most competitive quotes in the industry. We can assure you of quality service at a cheap price.

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The best interstate removalist

When compared with all the interstate removals options, Yes Movers is the one that provides the most exceptional service. We ensure you have a stress free experience. All your furniture will be packed with the utmost care and we will securely transport them to the destination. It is the most cost effective moving services in terms of moving from Melbourne to Brisbane.

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Moving from Melbourne to Brisbane during covid-19

Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, Yes Movers is committed to ensuring we continue to provide our fantastic service to our customers. We have taken measures to ensure you remain protected such as having our trained staff fully vaccinated. They will also wear a mask throughout the process as well.

The best interstate removals at your service

While there may be a lot of furniture removalists in the market, Yes Movers is your best bet to make sure you have an overall stress free experience when you move from Melbourne to Brisbane. You won’t even have to worry about packing materials while our staff can answer any questions you may have. None of the other interstate removalists will be able to match our quality service.

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Questions in mind? Read our FAQs

If you’re planning to move from Melbourne to Brisbane, you will need an interstate removals company that knows what it’s doing. You will need to go through the company website and find out what their entire process is. You should also keep an eye on what the customers are saying.
It is always helpful when there is enough time to plan an interstate move. The more time you can give us the better it would be. But we also know that it is not an ideal world and sometimes you may have to move at a short notice. We would certainly accommodate your request even if that’s the case.
Yes Mover have Public Liability insurance, for the properties at the two locations at the start and the end of the move. We do offer a break and repair guarantee for your furniture, but some such as cash and jewelry, among others, won’t be eligible.
The time taken to pack and move your furniture is dependent on how much stuff you have. Typically, it takes around five to six hours for a three-bedroom house while a one-bedroom house takes half of that time.
You can pay us using cash or card, as we offer both facilities. We would expect you to make the payment as soon as the job is done.


  • When I hired Yes Movers for my move from Melbourne to Brisbane, I was hoping to get high quality service a professional interstate removalist. Not only did the removal company meet my expectations, they went over and beyond to ensure all our furniture reached our new home safely! - Simo
  • I was worried that moving from Melbourne to Brisbane would involve a lot of work. But Yes Movers made sure I had a completely stress free move. Their staff always kept me in the loop every step of the way and they did an overall fantastic job. I would certainly recommend them! - Jennifer
  • When our family had to move from Melbourne to Brisbane, we hired Yes Movers as the removal company to help us with the interstate moving. They did a fantastic job and all the furniture arrived safely at our new home. They even helped us unpack, all at a very competitive price too! - Diana