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House moving is always a big decision and a huge step to take in life, it is a significant change, and that is its reality.

However, no matter how fun the idea of moving yourself sounds, it can end up extremely stressful, and if you do not know what you are doing, you might also get some of your property destroyed. But it is possible to avoid this; all you have to do is answer a few questions.

Relocation in mind? Hire Yes Movers Melbourne

If you are relocating, then you do not have to do it alone. Yes Movers, a specialised Melbourne removals company in house moving service have professional house movers fully experienced in relocating houses, apartments and studios. We are reliable, dependable and flexible.

Not only do we operate 24/7, but we also handle any House Moving in Melbourne, North, West, South and Eastern Suburbs; both Metro move and local move.

Yes Movers is your number one choice if you are searching for cheap house movers, our staff are well trained for the job with fully equipped vehicles coupled with the perfect tools and instruments.

We are experienced, resourceful and well-funded, making us the absolute best cheap moving company.

Our services are affordable and dependable with a specially tailored system to help you save both time and money.

Our House Moving Process

Moving shouldn’t be a stressful experience for you when you have the right removalists. Our moving process is very simple, effective, and crystal clear. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Send us your initial enquiry by filling a form present on our website.
  • Next up, we offer you a moving quotation. After reviewing the quotation, you can set the moving dates as per your convenience.
  • On the designated day, the team of movers and packers will arrive at your doorsteps. Actual moving commences. We also help you settle in your new home.

Why choose us as your House Removals in Melbourne?

house moving service yes movers

With over 15 years being the top house removalists and countless great reviews as the best cheap house moving company near you, we have been providing excellent House moving service for more than 15 years.

As such, we have not only built a strong relationship with our esteemed customers as the best moving company in the market, but we also possess a strong local knowledge that will ensure you to get the relocation complete in the quickest time frame. Your comfort is our priority.

As the top house Moving Company, we are your guys for house moving and furniture removalists. Our expert house movers will pack all your properties correctly, as well as advice you the right places to donate the unwanted furniture in Melbourne. we treat our customers with the utmost regard, and we are accountable for every belonging in our possession. If you hire us as your moving service, you can easily track your belongings in every aspect. We will make the moving process as simple and stress free as possible.

Yes movers are Perfect Apartment and House Movers  -

We pack all you belong entirely. We treat our customers' belongings like our own furniture.

With us! You can easily track your belongings in every aspect. If you want hassle-free house movers in Dandenong & Glen Waverley, fill the form with the required details. One of our team members will contact you within 24- hours.

There are many reasons to choose Yes Movers as your professional house movers.

  • Locally owned and operated.
  • Price Promise guarantee.
  • All your furniture will be padded and wrapped with care.
  • Our movers are uniformed, background checked and trained by us.
  • With our network, we have availability for your next move.
  • Fully insured with public liability insurance
  • Evening and weekend moves are no problems for us.
  • Pack and unpack service available.
  • Dismantle service if required.
  • By hour charging policy and half hour increments. We only charge for the work we do.
  • Complete stock of packaging supplies.
  • We protect and respect your home and belongings.

At Yes Movers we pride ourselves on being movers who care, which means that whether you’re moving your house or office furniture, we put your best interests first and tailor our service to your specific needs.

All of our removals experts have a wealth of experience and the highest quality moving equipment at their disposal. Get in touch with us, to find out how our movers assist you perfectly while shifting your belongings.

Got Questions in mind? Read our FAQs

You can contact the removalist or the person delivering your belongings through their contact mentioned. You will know the exact day of pick up and delivery and all the additional information throughout, so you can contact the person liable for their duty. If there is a problem regarding communication, you can email the company and file a report.
We help moving offices with perfection. To move to an office, a well trained and experienced team is needed. We provide a qualified team that will help you relocate your office without having to face any difficulty and with efficiency. Heavy machinery and essential tools/files require extra safety taken care of by the team and safely reach the location. We also provide single items pick-up service and packing services as well as interstate moving services. So, you don't have to worry about relocating with safety at a far distance.
Our prices are very straight forward. We charge when we reach your property and start for the delivery. We charge based on half an hour increments. Our prices are the same for every week, and for extra men, different prices are charged based on every hour.
The teams follow steps like sanitising the tools and equipment, social distancing and sanitisation, and wearing masks and gloves while moving. They are keeping their vehicles stocked with sanitisers. The team is trying their best in maintaining physical distancing with the customers.
Yes, we are time flexible. Customers can pick their time of pick up and delivery. There is an option of same-day delivery where the customer can relocate on the same day of pick up to arrive with all the needed belongings. Even in interstate moving, we provide the option of same-day delivery. The pick up can be done anytime the services are open.
Don’t worry. We are very flexible with our removal services. Whether it is a change in dates, or pick up or drop off locations, or truck sizes, we accommodate all. Just let us know 48 hours in advance. We will work our schedule accordingly.
We are available to help you relocate your small pet if it can be carried in a career. Our professional house removalists will carry the pet carrier in the front. We do not allow pet carriers in the back of the truck for safety reasons.
Yes, we extend public liability insurance to cover all our removal services. This insurance applies automatically the moment you hire us. You won’t have to ask for it. A public liability insurance covers any damages to the walls and floors during the relocation. For other damages, let us know and we’ll compensate you duly.

Customer Reviews

  • Rocheal

    Great service and prompt response from the packers. The team, which kept us updated throughout the process, made the entire experience as easy and seamless as possible. It was simply a fantastic experience. Thank you!
  • Amanya

    For someone whose job demands frequent moves, it is extremely difficult to maintain an orderly office. This team of experienced yes movers always provide me with unparalleled service, and since then I only reach up to them to relocate. Thank you for making my life so much easier!
  • Patris

    They offer reasonably priced services with excellent customer service. Everything was packed securely and intact. At no point did there appear to be confusion. The process was seamless. I would like to say that I am very pleased with their work. Definitely recommended to anyone seeking a cheap house removalist in Melbourne.
  • Voila

    Yes movers left no stone unturned to make sure our expectations were met. In my experience, they are the most competent and excellent removalists in Melbourne. I highly recommend them. It was a stress-free, seamless move.
  • Lisa

    I've found Yes Movers to be among the best removalists I've encountered.Their ability to relocate my house on such short notice was really commendable. Look no further if you're looking for highly reputable house movers. I was thoroughly satisfied with their service.