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Relocating office is a tough decision and even tougher is the decision to choose the office movers as an only experienced and competent team can meet your office moving needs efficiently. We are one of the most experienced professional office movers in Melbourne, and nearby suburbs in Melbourne. We have the resources to complete local and interstate office relocations in a timely manner.
The team of Yes Movers has successfully moved offices of all sizes and types in and around Melbourne. We offer customized solutions and personalized services for office relocation. From independent businesses and small-scale enterprises to large-scale organizations and big corporate houses, we have accomplished office moving projects for a variety of clients.
As the best office movers in Melbourne, we offer professional services. We can pack, transport, and unpack the furniture, IT equipment, décor accessories, stationery, and many other items used in offices. Office moving involves the risk of expensive items getting misplaced, lost or broken. Therefore, while carrying out any office relocation job, our team of qualified office removalists ensure that no item gets lost or damaged.

Why choose us as your Office Removalists Melbourne?

  • We prepare a plan and checklist for every office move we undertake.
  • We follow the checklist to remove obstacles before they can arise.
  • We allocate a dedicated coordinator and supervise for every project.
  • We keep the vehicles used in transportation in top condition.
  • We adopt a detail-oriented and customer-focused approach.

Our team of office removalists can move heavy office machinery and IT equipment safely using their skills. One of the major factors which discourage business owners from relocating office is the downtime that occurs during the moving process. So, we try to keep the business downtime as low as possible for our clients.

Even though office moving is an inevitable part of running a business, entrepreneurs and managers often get stressed when they face the need for moving their business premises. But with our expertise and our dedicated staff, you can say bid goodbye to your stress. We will make the entire office relocation process smooth for you by providing convenient services from beginning to end.

What preparations we do as Office Movers?

With proper planning and proactiveness, every office move can be completed in the desired way. Therefore, we put our best foot forward by utilizing our talent to make all the arrangements.

  • We remove the contents from the storage systems such as cabinets and electronic items such as refrigerator. If the storage systems are movable, we determine whether their contents need to be removed or not.
  • We empty the drawers of the desk stations, receptions, bathrooms, restrooms, and all other places. We even empty bookcase, water cooler and coffee making machine.
  • We disconnect the wires and plugs of computers, printers, fax machines, and all other IT equipment. If your office has servers, we can move them as well.
  • We can use a labelling system to put a label on all the items, especially ones thathave to be placed together in the new office but can get separated during the move.
  • We bring the right packing supplies and pack everything perfectly. We can unpack all the items and assist the clients in organizing their new office.

Whether you are shifting your office to a nearby suburb or another state, we can provide hassle-free services at reasonable prices. We are known as honest office movers in Dandenong, Glen Waverley, and overall Melbourne as we give a free cost estimate to all the clients.

Whenever you need Professional Office Movers in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to call us on 0434 379 742 or send an email to