Best time to start your move

There are so many things to take care of while relocating to a new place including getting the right packing supplies, finding and booking reliable moving companies in advance, and fixing the best time to start your move. This often makes people overlook the importance of choosing the best time to move, whether they have just a few weeks or even a year to move. In most cases, people get enough advance notice about the need to relocate so that they can plan the schedule and time to move more efficiently. The choice of moving date and time impacts not only the overall cost of the moving process but also its efficiency. To determine the best time to move, it is important to consider various factors such as the weather conditions, lifestyle needs of people making the move, and even the financial impacts.

Best Seasons for Relocating

Deciding the best seasons to move to a new place involves considering several things apart from the weather conditions. Every season presents a unique set of challenges that significantly impact the different aspects of the moving process. That is why it is important to consider the following facts about each season before deciding the perfect move date and time.

Summer Season

Summer Season

Most moving companies tend to charge higher prices in the peak season, as their services are in higher demand during this period. Generally speaking, the summer season is when the companies providing moving services in Australia do the highest business. The long days make the summertime move a preferred choice for people who like to get things done in the early morning so that they can be free and relax in the afternoon. This is especially true for most people making a local move as they can request the moving company to make an early start to avoid working in the extreme temperatures during the summer afternoons. So, people looking to save money while relocating should avoid moving during the early morning hours of the summer months. Also, the early start is considered as the cheapest time by the moving companies.

Spring And Fall Time

Both early spring and fall seasons are suitable for relocating locally and also for long-distance moves. The pleasant weather during both these seasons makes a huge difference in the time frame in which the process is completed. This is because the efficiency of the movers improves significantly as they do not need to deal with the challenges presented by inclement weather of the peak moving season or the rush of the upcoming holiday season.  However, it is better to plan the move sometime during the mid-month of both the seasons such as mid-September or mid-April, rather than opting for a moving date in early spring or late fall.

Winter Season

Winter Season

The winter season is perhaps the cheapest time to hire the services of a professional moving company. The cold weather and icy roads make it the least preferred time of the year for moving long distance or even locally.  house. The persisting bad weather throughout the winter months is one of the primary reasons behind the less demand for moving service providers across Australia. That is why the moving industry tends to offer the lowest prices for its services during this time.

Best Time According to Lifestyle Needs

The lifestyle of the people who are relocating also impacts their choice of the best time to start your move. In general, working professionals prefer to avoid moving mid-week or even middle of the month as it will disrupt their schedule and might even require them to miss work. Similarly, people with school-going kids or college students are more likely to plan their move at the end of the school year. This gives them enough time to find a new school for their kids besides ensuring they are fully settled in before the new session at the school starts. Some people might want to relocate after their apartment leases expire while others prefer moving on a weekend or a public holiday such as Memorial Day to save time.

Best Time to Move Over Long Distances

Deciding the best time to start your move when it involves traveling across long distances can be somewhat tricky. It is always advisable to avoid the peak moving season for making such moves as most moving companies are excessively busy during this time. Many experts suggest moving over long distances during the off-season to get a better deal. It is also advisable to start the moving process in the early mornings as it can help save both time and money. Many relocators also offer special discounts or early bird offers to clients opting to move on a specific day of the week or those who choose to relocate during the middle of a week.

Final Thoughts

We hope know you are clear on how to choose the move date. While there is no perfect season for moving a house or office, the best time is one when the relocation service providers are facing less competition. In this context, September is the most popular month for hiring relocation services while the best season may vary between spring and fall and the best week of the month will also vary depending on the specific needs of the individual clients.


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