piano movers

Yes Movers moves every type of piano from upright to baby grand, pianola to electric piano, organ to other keyboard instruments.
Our piano movers in Melbourne move new and used pianos and provide piano transport services.
We have contracts with major piano retailers, and those contracts have built trust in us.

Why trust Yes Movers for moving your Pool table or Piano?

We understands that piano and the pool tables are fragile and bulky items. Many people experience bad things while shifting these expensive items sometimes they get hurt or the piano gets damaged.

We are the perfect piano pool table or piano movers, we pack the piano or pool table in a perfect manner to keep it damage-free. Our professional movers are trained well so that they can easily transfer bulky items and undergoes a special Heavy Moving Accreditation before moving the items.


What makes the Yes Movers the perfect piano or pool table Movers in Melbourne?

Yes Movers considers their customer items as their own belongings. Our systems are equipped with high-tech machines to carry your pool table or piano correctly. The trainers of Yes Movers also taught the proper way to secure the bulky items with the specialised ties and wrapped inside the truck.

To find out more call on our toll-free number or you can fill the form, one of our team member will assist you within 24 hours.