How much do house movers charge in Melbourne?

Are you wondering about how much house movers charge in Melbourne? Moving is not only a time-consuming and stressful process but also an expensive one. House moving costs are among the main factors we consider while looking for a suitable mover.

Knowing all about relocation costs will help you to stay within your budget and make your move hassle-free. The cost factors for relocation can be confusing since they are based on individual circumstances and are not the same for all moves.

Removalists can also be secretive about their prices when you ask for quotes since they do not want to lose their competitive edge. But, it is always better to arm yourself with information about moving costs so that there are no hidden surprises on the moving day.

In this blog, we’ll give you an idea of how much house movers cost in Melbourne. We’ve collated the data and made estimates based on the hourly moving charges at $140 for two men and a truck and $180 for three men and a truck.

The Main Factors Contributing to the House Moving Cost

‘How much does it cost to hire house movers in Melbourne?’

The answer to this question isn’t singular. There are several factors that go into affecting the house movers cost, like who you hire, the services you use, the size of your home and a lot more.

But the following are the important factors that decide the house movers costs in Melbourne:

1. Preparation for packing:

Making sure your goods are packed before the movers arrive makes the process more efficient and easy. It is advisable to pack all items in boxes, labelling them suitably, to mark the rooms to which they belong. Disassembling your furniture is also a good idea so that the removalists do not need to spend time on that.

Keeping your belongings packed in this way will help to complete the moving process faster, and you will also have to pay less.

2. The size of your house or apartment

A small apartment costs less to move than a 3 bedroom house. So the size of your house along with the volume of the furniture and appliances you have also play a significant role in influencing the moving cost.

Also, if the current location of your house is in a narrow lane, then it can be furthermore difficult to carry the things, and hence, the cost can vary depending on these moving factors.

3. Distance between your current property and the new one:

This is another factor influencing the moving cost. If the distance between your two properties is less, the removalists will take lesser time to reach the destination. You also need to know that a truck will take longer than your car to get there.

Traffic conditions also play an important role. In peak traffic conditions, the moving truck will take longer to reach.

4. Using the stairs or the lift:

Using the stairs or lift could increase the house moving cost charged by your Melbourne removalist. If they use the lift, the movers’ tasks increase since they have to move your belongings to the lift, load them inside the lift, unload from the lift, and then load onto the truck.

A small lift will increase the number of trips made by the movers since the lift can hold only a limited amount of goods. If you live on a higher floor, or if the lift is slow, then the amount of time for loading and unloading also increases.

Requesting for an extra mover if you have a lift will decrease the move time and lower your moving cost.

5. Appropriate parking space:

This is another vital factor influencing the moving cost. The Melbourne removalist should have a suitable parking space with access to both your properties.

Informing the movers of available parking spaces or loading zones near your property is essential before your move. The movers can save a lot of time if you reserve a parking spot for them.

Movers usually have to make several trips between their truck and your property. You can save money and time by finding a place close for the truck to park. In case there is only a single street parking available, putting safety cones helps to keep the space free for the mover’s truck.

If there is a loading dock at your building, ensure the clearance is minimum of 3.2 metres as it is the least a removal truck needs.

6. Know how much an average move takes:

Understanding the time taken for a move will help in calculating the costs of the move.

Each move is different from the other and unexpected events can change the time taken. Usually, it takes about one hour to load and unload ten cubic metres.

2 bedroom apartment many factors 1 bedroom apartment cubic metres

Approximately, the times taken for different moves are:

  • Two to four hours for a studio or one-bedroom unit
  • Four to eight hours for a typical two-bedroom house or apartment
  • Five to eight hours for a three-bedroom house or apartment
  • Seven to ten hours for a four-bedroom house or apartment

Different Removal Services That Influences the Cost of Moving House

There are so many different services you can avail that add to the removalist costs. So in this price guide, we’ll look at some of the important services you’ll need for moving house that can change your movers cost.

Basic removal services

This is a popular choice among people who want to save money on relocation. You can work with a removalist company for the basic services they offer for moving house, this usually includes a truck with a ramp at the back and they load and unload your belongings by hand. When you use the essential removal services, you’ll need to do a lot of work on your part to save the cost of hiring packers.

Packing services

You can use cardboard boxes for packing or hire professional packing services at extra costs. The movers will provide everything from bubble wrap to boxes and labels for each item and can securely pack your things. While this option is a bit more expensive than basic services, it offers better protection for your items during transit with expert packing from removalists and top-quality packing materials.

Most movers provide unpacking services along with packing, which means you can save so much of your stress by spending just a little. And when you consider a slight addition to the average cost of your relocation, the amount of effort that goes in is incomparable.


If you have more stuff than available space at your new home, it’s likely that some items won’t make it into storage right away. Or in case your items are reaching before you and you need some time to keep your things until your new house is ready, you’ll need storage facilities. You will have to pay extra monthly fees until they’re moved into place, which could add to your cost to move.

Relocation insurance

If you’re worried about driving with all your belongings or any damage to your valuables, relocation insurance or content insurance may be worth the extra money. This type of insurance covers you if any damage occurs during transit.

You can talk to your moving company about the type of relocation insurance available. So make sure to factor in this insurance while estimating for your movers cost.

Furniture removals

There are times when you can handle packing most of your stuff, but not the huge furniture. The furniture removalists provide exclusive services on packing, transporting and relocating your furniture.

They’ll disassemble the furniture, pack them in secure boxes and transport them safely. They’ll also re-assemble the furniture in the new location and place them in the exact space you need.

You can hire furniture movers to help pack your furniture as well as move them along with the rest of your stuff.

How Much Will a Melbourne Removalist Cost for an Average Move?

Usually, professional movers from Melbourne charge $140 an hour for two men and a truck and $180 for three men and a truck. So the total moving cost in Melbourne can be anywhere from $320 to $1780. This varying moving cost depends on the hourly rates of the removalist company and the size of your house or apartment.

Removalist cost based on the size of the house:

The following are the estimates of the cost of moving house in Melbourne, including GST:

  • In the case of a studio/single bedroom apartment, which takes around two to four hours using two movers and a truck, the cost would range from $320 to $580. A $65 callout/travel charge is included
  • If it is a two-bedroom apartment/house, which takes around four to six hours using two movers and a truck, the rate would be between $580 to $845, including a $65 callout/travel charge
  • The costs would be between $930 to $1440 for a 3 bedroom house or apartment taking approximately five to eight hours and using two movers and a truck. It is inclusive of an $85 callout/travel charge
  • The rates would be around $1270 to $1780, inclusive of an $85 callout/travel charge for a four-bedroom house or apartment taking approximately seven to ten eight hours and using three movers and a moving truck

Similarly, if you have a 4-bedroom apartment, the cost will increase considerably.

In addition to the above tips, you can save money on house moving costs by not moving during peak seasons and reducing your belongings as far as possible before the moving day.

You could also check for any special discounts available, or do most of the work like packing or disassembling furniture yourself to save costs.

All this useful information will help you understand the costs of hiring removal companies better and will help you conduct a hassle-free move with no fear of hidden moving costs or exceeding your budget.

How to Reduce Your Average Cost of Moving?

The total cost of moving can quickly get out of hand and significantly affect your moving budget if you aren’t careful. While most of these high costs may seem unavoidable, there are ways to reduce them and make your move easier on your wallet.

Here are a few tips for lowering the moving costs without compromising on the quality of your move:

Move on weekdays

Most often, the removalist cost in Melbourne is often higher when you hire them to work during the weekends or holidays. This is because experienced movers are in demand these days, increasing removal costs.

So if possible, avoid moving on weekends or holidays when movers charge more. If you need to move on one of these days, check with multiple movers beforehand to see if they have discounts for last-minute moves.

Compare quotes from multiple removalists

It’s essential to get at least three quotes from different companies before deciding who will handle your move. This way, you’ll know how much each company charges and how their services compare with those of other companies.

If two companies provide the same service at different prices, it’s worth asking why they charge differently before choosing which one to hire.

When asking for a free quote, provide sufficient information like the number of bedrooms, the number of huge furniture and appliances you have, and any additional services like transit insurance, public liability insurance or packing services. You can also use a moving calculator to get a rough idea of the cost.

For example, you’ll be charged less if you have a three-bedroom apartment but have fewer things than a 4 bedroom house. So make sure to give an accurate description of the things in your home, which will help the movers estimate the volume it occupies in the removal truck.

Pack on your own and hire movers for transportation

While professional movers offer valuable assistance during the packing process, they’re not always necessary — especially if you’re just moving across town or within city limits and are looking to cut down the removal costs by hiring local removalists.

If you’re planning a DIY move, consider working with friends or family members who can lend a hand throughout the process instead of hiring professional packers. This can considerably reduce the hourly rates of the moving services.

Get free packaging materials

Most removal companies offer free packaging materials when you hire them for your move. So you can always reach out to them to get good quality moving materials for free. Also, you can visit your nearest grocery stores and get unused moving boxes and crates that you can use.

If you’re planning a move soon, consider using reusable packing materials such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, foam peanuts and packing paper instead of purchasing new ones each time you move. This will save money in the long run and help protect fragile items during transit.

How Do Yes Movers Provide Safe, Budget-Friendly Relocation in Melbourne?

While there are numerous movers you can find in Melbourne, the vital thing to consider is the efficiency of the movers in helping move your things unscathed.

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