How to pack for a move in 3 days

With the right approach, it is possible to pack for a move in three days. But, the last-minute packing can be time-consuming and strenuous as you get less time for thinking and implementing ideas.

The only solution to this mess is to accept the situation. You need to accept the truth that time is not much and you should immediately start the packing process without much ado.

Wondering how to pack for a move in 3 days?

How to pack for a move in 3 days











If you are packing for a move in three days or less than a week, there are many ways to make your moving process easy and quick. All you need to do is be super quick in making all the decisions right from packing materials like packing paper to boxes to moving company.

Steps to be followed to pack for a move in three days

Packing for a move in three days looks complicated, but it is not impossible. You need to start packing process immediately by deciding what you will bring with you. Make sure to sell/donate the items you are not taking with you. It will also give you some more packing timeline. Just start from one room at a time and move to next only once the first one is completely packed.

Here are some quick packing tips to save money:

Steps to be followed to pack for a move in three days

  1. Start immediately

If you really want to pack in three days, you do not have time to waste, so you need to start immediately. Try to take less time to plan and begin the packing process as soon as possible. Arrange packing materials such as packing paper, moving boxes, ziploc bags, and other hobby materials as fast as possible. Keep in mind that delay will worsen the situation.

  1. Decide what to move

It is not good to move all your belongings when you have little time. Practically it is impossible to pack everything in a concise time span. So, choose to start packing only essential things first to maximize the time.

There are various factors to consider while sorting the items to take with you.

  • You need to pack essential items first. The essential items include the stuff which you need, like important documents, toiletries, clothing, etc. One of the best packing tips here would be to make a checklist of such items, so that the essentials are not left behind.
  • Also, carry items with sentimental value, like irreplaceable and precious items.
  • You should also consider the condition of the stuff you are planning to move. If something is damaged or of no use, you should sell or discard those items as these items will unnecessarily complicate the moving process.
  • You can also sell some items which are no longer required. E.g., If you are moving to a warm location, you should sell all your woollen as it is not useful to carry your woollen clothes with you.
  1. Know non-allowable items

Always check state laws before packing your stuff. For some states, there is a limit on what you can carry. Also, various items cannot be moved for safety reasons. The moving company you hire can guide you on such list. Make sure you enlist all these items, or you can end up wasting all your time packing these items.

  1. Make a detailed packing timeline

Having a proper packing timeline will save all effort and time. Do not pack casually or randomly, as it will result in various packing mistakes. Start packing with a reliable packing schedule, this way, you can keep your packing organized and encouraged from beginning to end.

  1. Get the correct packing supplies

One of the important moving tips is that you should get proper packing supplies before beginning the process of packing. Use old moving boxes to reduce moving expenses, or you can also consider some other packing alternatives. It will be best if you can search for some free moving boxes/packing supplies or purchase them at a local store. Make sure your packing boxes are strong enough to hold the items on the moving day.

Ensure to buy appropriate packing materials and packing paper of various shapes, sizes, and colors so that large boxes can be used to pack big items and heavy boxes can be used for electronic devices. Also, get some bubble wrap for packing fragile items and ensure to pack glasses in toilet paper. Do not forget to get a packing tape to secure the boxes. You can also use garbage bags if you do not have plastic wrap, free boxes, Ziploc bags or correct materials for packing.

  1. Make a simple moving inventory

It is very important to have a list of items you are taking to your new house. But, to act smart, you can take pictures of all boxed items as it will act as proof while moving.

  1. Enlist help

To make things easier for yourself, you can take help from your friends and family or even professionals of moving company. With little help, you can save lots of time which can be used to finish packing some other important item.

How to pack for a move in 3 days?

How to pack for a move in 3 days?

Day 1

You should always start packing with the most demanding rooms, like laundry room, and garage. After that, move to guest rooms, study rooms, etc. Like this, you can prioritize your packing. Have a list and begin packing immediately. Or alternatively you can take help of professional movers/family members.

Day 2

This day you can pack everything belonging to children’s room and the living room. Make sure to pack clothes and footwears; after that, pack office supplies, toys, stuffed animals and jewellery in a single box.

When you are done with this, you should clean and vacuum the furniture in order to prepare for the next day’s packing. Use paper towels to pack jewellery safely. You can keep hanging clothes as it is as it will save your time while unpacking.

Day 3

On the moving day of packing, you should pack items for your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Do not forget to pack electronic devices and curtains and disassemble all the furniture pieces. Make sure there is are no empty spaces in all the boxes as it will save money. Also pack stuff of the guest room in separate cardboard boxes. Pack all sports gear in the same box. Do not put different room items in one box and pack books in wheeled suitcases.

Bottom line 

Moving in just a few days or few hours and not having much time to pack the entire home? It’s ok. With this complete guide, you can easily plan to move in just three days. With the help of moving tips, you can make sure that you can pack entire house for your new address and can know how to arrange packing material for your items.

Also, do not forget to sell or donate your unnecessary stuff. You can also contact a professional moving company for your help. With professionals you can finish packing on time and all the packed boxes can be placed in moving truck with the help of them on moving day. Also, they will help you to put everything at one packing station. This will help in saving money and time as movers arrive on time. They will also help with specialized tools, will provide foam sheets, furniture pads, adhesive paper and other packing boxes.

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