How much does it cost to Move Interstate

In the best of circumstances, moving is an expensive endeavor. Because it is not something that is done regularly, most individuals are unaware of how much to spend for their interstate relocation or what hidden charges they may face. 

Moving interstate in Australia is an expensive process and can cost between $2,600 and $6,550. Although this seems like a high estimate, it is the result of considering majority of costs you are likely to encounter, including interstate removalists ($3,000 to $5,500), flights and accommodation ($1,200 to $3,500), and storage facilities ($200/month to $400/month) that will store your belongings. 

All these costs might not apply to your move, and the actual cost of moving interstate can vary depending on several factors like the type of furniture, when you are moving and where are you moving. 

Planing to move interstate?

Calculate your Moving Costs, you might not have Thought About 

Moving insurance 

When your items are damaged during transit, most interstate removalists do not provide insurance coverage to you if the damage has not been caused by their fault, such as a traffic accident or rain damage that has occurred because of weather conditions. To make sure that your contents are covered during transit, it is important to check your home and contents insurance policy. You may be able to add extra insurance protection for your move. 

A reputable interstate removalist that is legally authorized to provide Goods in Transit insurance is another option to consider. The insurance company also has to provide you with certain legal documents as part of the insurance, so make sure you receive a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), a Financial Services Guide (FSG), and your insurance documents in your name as well.   

Packaging services  

A removalist’s quote will not generally include packing your items unless you specifically ask them to do so. A packing service isn’t only a great option for those of us pressed for time, but it is also a great way to make sure that your items are protected during transit by professionals so that you can sleep at night knowing your items have been wrapped with care. 

There are a number of products that professional removalists have that can be used to ensure your valuables are transported without damage. They also train their staff to offer this specialist service.  


Are you relocating and need your belongings to be stored for a few days before you settle down? Choosing interstate removalists that offer short- or long-term storage is a good way to streamline your move and save money at the same time.  

Pet transportation Cost 

If you have pets in your family, you should also book them with your removalist. The good news is that there are reliable interstate removalists out there who will coordinate safe, professional pet moving services as part of your move as well. 

Car transportation 

If you want to transport your car or motorbike interstate, you are not required to seek an additional provider. 

A removalist who specializes in interstate moves will often be able to provide you with a network of vehicle transportation providers across the country, so you can get the service through them as part of your move with them and save yourself time and money in the process. 

Moving Boxes 

Getting some moving boxes will be necessary if you choose to pack up your belongings on your own. 

 When it comes to packing yourself, if you have the time and self-motivation to do it yourself, we highly recommend investing in quality moving boxes and packing materials made from commercial-grade materials. 

In addition to packing material such as bubble wrap and foam packing peanuts, you might also need tape and tape rolls. 

There are many interstate removalist companies that sell commercial grade moving boxes and materials, and they will send them directly to you anywhere in Australia. 

Let’s Move Interstate in A Budget 

In order to help cut down the costs of moving interstate, there are a few different things that you can do to help. 

  1. Before you move, you should declutter your house

If you don’t want to take anything with you, you can save money and space by getting rid of it. 

You should clean out your house and discard anything you don’t need before contacting a removalist. You’ll pay more if you have lots of furniture and goods. 

A donation drop could help you cover some moving costs by selling your unwanted items. 

  1. Shop around for removalists

Find a removalist in the state you’re moving from and see if they have connections or other agents interstate 

Getting quotes from a few different companies can be helpful. Make sure the company’s services are appropriate for your needs and that it is reputable. 

The company should have a depot and an office. Ensure that the reviews are positive, as well. 

  1. Pack it yourself

Instead of hiring a professional packer, you can pack up your belongings yourself. In addition to going through your belongings, you may be able to get rid of something. 

If you use used boxes or hire boxes instead of buying new ones, you can also save money. Search for them on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace, or ask your removalist if they offer any. 

  1. Alternative moving options should be considered

If you plan on transporting your possessions interstate, you might also consider alternative options that could be cheaper than hiring a traditional removalist. Self-packing shipping containers or mobile storage companies are two options for you to consider. This usually involves loading your belongings yourself and then having them transported to your new location. 

Another option is backloading.  

It is essential that you consider getting a backloading service if you do not have a large amount of furniture or items to move; this is a service that will save you approximately 10-30% of the cost of moving interstate. 

There is a possibility that your move can be backloaded on the same truck as another move of a smaller size. Your interstate removalist should take the following measures to prevent any delivery mix-ups: 

  • Obtain a written inventory of all the items that you own and provide it to you 
  • Make sure your boxes are labeled 
  • Divide the truck so that your belongings are separated from those of other clients by putting up partitions  

 It is recommended that you start by budgeting $2,600 – $6,550 for your interstate move as a starting point. It is imperative to remember that this is just a rough estimate. 

If you are planning your move within the next one to two months, it makes sense to begin researching interstate removalists a few months before your move. This will ensure that you are not making a last minute decision. Instead, you have arranged and locked in all of the extras you need for your move, as we have discussed here.

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