Top Places to Buy Moving Boxes in Melbourne for Free

When moving house, the first thing that people think about is to find multiple moving boxes, preferably for free. After all, it makes no sense to spend one’s hard-earned money on something that becomes useless once the moving process is completed. Thankfully there are several places where people can find free moving boxes in Melbourne and thus avoid spending big bucks on these vital packing supplies.

Where to buy free moving boxes from?

Investing a little time and effort is all one needs to get just about every kind of free moving boxes for packing different household items. You can visit certain places and bring free boxes home. The top places to commence the box hunting for free boxes in Melbourne include the following.

Check With the Local Grocery Stores

Check With the Local Grocery Stores
The local grocery store is likely to have several empty boxes lying around waiting to be disposed of with trash. So, it is advisable to start enquiring at the local grocery stores about any extra boxes that they might be willing to give away for free. Large grocery store chains often use heavy-duty corrugated boxes to supply fresh produce inventory to their various outlets. Such extra grocery store boxes can come in quite handy for packing heavier or delicate items. So, people should enquire about the availability of free moving boxes while they are doing grocery shopping.

Enquire At Local Bars and Liquor Stores

Melbourne is known for its numerous bars and wine and liquor stores, which makes them the best places to get free moving boxes. People making the move can check the nearby wine and liquor store to get heavy-duty boxes suitable for packing various items. They may also check with both local liquor stores and larger liquor stores supplying to bars to get small and mid-size free moving boxes.

Since most larger liquor stores receive their shipments in bulk, the likelihood of finding large boxes there is also quite high. It is also a good idea to learn about the delivery schedule of the local liquor store to claim the free moving boxes before they are thrown away. You may approach liquor stores live to avail the free moving boxes.

Try With the Local Recycling Centres

Try With the Local Recycling Centres

The recycling centers are another great place for finding free moving boxes in varying sizes.  Visiting the nearby recycling drop-off location can make people hit the moving box jackpot given the large number of boxes sitting around, with most of them having their lids laying on top of them. The recycling centers accept flattened corrugated cardboard, small boxes, paper boxes, and even old moving boxes that have been discarded by users.

So, for people looking for multiple moving boxes spending some time at the local recycling center can prove highly beneficial. However, it is important to check the moving boxes, especially those taken from the recycling room, carefully to ensure that they are not too damaged and can be used to safely pack the things.

Confirm Their Availability from Different Local Stores

Various stores in a neighborhood receive a regular shipment of goods in different types of sturdy boxes. Some of these shops may store the flattened corrugated cardboard boxes for some time before getting rid of them. It is also common for office supply stores to put away empty cardboard boxes in varying sizes. Similarly, big stationary shops handling school supply shipments also use heavy boxes.

Other stores where people are likely to find free boxes suitable for pacing goods may include local dollar stores, hardware stores, or even shoe stores. People can contact the managers of such stores to enquire about finding free boxes or other free stuff such as garbage bags or waste paper to be used for cushioning or other free moving supplies.   

Ask Around at Local Restaurants And Coffee Shops

Fast food restaurants and coffee shops need to replenish their pantry with fresh goods almost every day. In most cases, these supplies are often delivered in a simple cardboard box, which these outlets store away after emptying. So asking around at such restaurants and cafes about the availability of a cardboard box is likely to yield positive results.

Enquire From Bookstores

Enquire From BookstoresBoth large chain bookstores and locally owned bookstores use double-walled cardboard boxes for handling books. These banker’s boxes are capable of carrying great weight and are used by the stores for delivering books to local schools and other educational institutions. People can also talk to the administrative officers of the local college to enquire about more boxes or other moving supplies such as packing paper, packing tape, etc.   

Seek Help from Online Marketplaces And Communities  

People may also consider checking their favorite online marketplace such as Facebook marketplace for free boxes. They may also post about their needs on an online community group to enquire about free moving and packing supplies. Seeking help from the online community groups helps to expand their search area and ensures better responses.

Such online searches for free moving boxes help people connect with others who might have recently sifted an apartment complex office or moved their one-bedroom apartment and are looking for ways to get rid of the extra boxes. It might also lead them to garage sales being held in their neighborhood or big box stores where they might find free boxes for the move.

Final Thoughts 

Finding free moving boxes can help reduce the cost of hiring the services of a moving company quite significantly. So, after deciding how many sturdy boxes are needed, people can start checking the above-discussed places to find free moving boxes. So, happy box hunting for people planning to move their home without spending a fortune on buying boxes that they will no longer need once they have unpacked and settled down.

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