How to Move with Toddlers?

House moving, whether big or small, is a stressful and harried experience. And when you have to move with your little ones, it’s an addition to the normal concerns.

For parents, moving house probably means more space, a better neighbourhood, and even a brand new start. But for toddlers and kids, it’s a drastic change and transition. It can be a tough, stressful, and traumatic experience, at times.

Remember, your child has to leave behind a place they know and love and adapt to the new changes. Therefore, your toddler needs special attention and care to make the moving process calm and serene-without major breakdown

Here are a few house moving tips that will help you to dial down the drama and to prepare your toddler for all the upcoming changes.

Get a babysitter or childcare, if possible

Hands down, this is the best and easiest way to handle your moving day with a toddler. This will help you to maintain a balance and also keep your child safe from any harm.

In the midst of the chaos, it’s normal to take your eyes off and with a wide-open door, empty boxes, and scissors laying around, can call for trouble.

You can also ask your relatives or your friends to watch your toddler during the moving process.

Having an extra set of hands, on a moving day, is always helpful and will ensure your move is quick and efficient-without any nagging child hanging behind.

Hire a moving company rather than doing it yourself

If you’re on a budget and are planning to move by yourself-without any professional help-good luck to you!

Though it’s not mandatory to hire the best of the best movers, it’s advisable to hire some good house moving company, in your budget, to help you take care of all the lifting and moving, while you focus on your toddler.

Do some research and hire a reputable, licensed, and insured, and affordable moving company like Melbourne Removalists, to ensure a smooth and stress-free moving day.

Give your toddlers something to do

Children are always excited to get involved and be a part of the process. Take advantage of the situation and give your toddlers some simple-moving tasks, to keep them occupied and give them a sense of ownership.

It’s not about handing your toddler a sharpie along with some tape and scissors and letting‘em loose. Set aside some “important” jobs like-filling up their stuffed animals in a box, collecting the empty hangers, and small tasks that will keep your child busy and happy.

Make it an adventure

Surely, house moving is not always fun and adventure for parents but it surely can be for toddlers. To deal with the stress and to make the transition easy, get your child excited about the move in advance by treating it as an adventure.

Find little pockets of fun throughout your move and you’ll know how much kids love simple activities. Remember it’s not only a move for you but a big move for your toddler as well.

Therefore, finding small moments of play and fun in between will make your child feel better and will always give you something to enjoy and laugh about throughout the process.

Stay Calm and don’t forget to smile

Children take their cue from their parents. If you’re happy and relaxed, your toddler will be convinced that this move is a happy process. But if you’re angry and reacting to everything, your child will catch on to that.

So just dig deep and maintain a happy grin!

Relate your move to a story

Children love hearing stories. It is indeed a great way to explain what moving is all about. You can either make up a simple story or read them some classics like Moving House by Anne Civardi and Stephen Cartwright, The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day by Stan and Jan Berenstain- or anything that you feel is easy and appropriate for your child to acknowledge and understand.

Give your child time to bid adieu to their old home

You need to understand that this house moving transition is hard for your toddler too. So you need to acknowledge the fact, respect their emotions, and give them some opportunities for closure on their own terms.

Though you might be in a hurry to leave for your new home, make sure to take some time with your toddler and walk through each room and also their favourite spots to say a proper goodbye.

Say ‘Hello’ to your new home

Once you arrive at your new home, don’t just start unpacking right away. Walk your toddler through the house and show what’s the new house like, show them all the cool features that were not there in the old house, and if possible, allow them to pick up their own favourite room.

Expect Regression

Temporary regression is a natural way for toddlers and kids to cope up with stressful situations. Don’t get overwhelmed. Every child adapts at their own pace and you must not freak out and give your child the time to accommodate themselves.

Here are a few quick to keep your toddler safe as you pack up:

  • While packing, keep the heavy boxes on the floor, so that there is no risk of tipping over.
  • Seal the boxes securely otherwise, it will be a jungle gym for your tot.
  • Keep all sharp tools and objects out of reach.
  • Secure empty bookshelves, dressers, and other furniture to the wall until you move. Reason? Because empty furniture is easier to tip.
  • Don’t forget to cover electrical outlets with cover.

Final thoughts 

House moving is certainly a stressful event. However, if you plan properly and follow the above-mentioned house moving tips, we are damn sure you’ll get through this quickly and painlessly with your toddler.

Don’t forget to take help and hire a good and affordable moving company like Melbourne Removalists to help your family through the process with ease.

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