Ultimate House moving guide during COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the routine activities of people worldwide. Working remotely has become the new normal for most of us, and we are now used to the safety norms laid out by the WHO, such as wearing masks or social distancing.

People who have been planning to move to a new house or office are unaware of the new guidelines for moving and are unsure if moving services are even available.

If you plan to move during Covid-19, be it Local or interstate, you need to hire reputed House movers Melbourne who are well-versed in the new regulations and can provide a safe and stress-free move.

A complete guide for moving during Covid-19

We have compiled a comprehensive guide to answer all your doubts about moving during the pandemic.

Do you really have to move?

Cancelling a move may not be an option if you are facing a lease ending or have recently purchased or sold a home.

Even though non-essential services have been closed, moving has been allowed since it is essential.

However, if you belong to the high-risk category and are concerned about infection, you could relocate using your own vehicle, but you will need to do everything from packing to loading and unloading.

You need to check in your district what the rules for non-essential services are since the rules are different everywhere.

If your move is unavoidable, you should discuss with your House movers Melbourne and understand the precautions they are taking and what is expected of you to make the move safe.

Are removalists available?

Most movers are providing their services even during the lockdown. However, it depends on the individual companies to decide whether they can continue with their services. It is advisable to contact your mover if you have already booked a firm and confirm if they are open.

Are storage services available?

Storage companies are working like removalists, but they may provide only limited accessibility for customers. They are also expected to follow safety norms like sanitization and maintaining a six-foot distance between customers and employees.

Will I be able to rent a moving truck?

Moving trucks are still in service since they are essential for transporting. However, companies are strictly following the protocols that are laid down. You may have to book your vehicle online instead of going over to the mover’s office.

How will I get a quote?

Most removalists are surveying their customers’ homes virtually and providing a quotation based on your home’s size or the number of belongings. All firms are avoiding visiting homes to conduct surveys

Confirm with your mover if your move is on

If you have fixed a move, you can be sure that the move will take place. However, it is better to call the firm and confirm. Contact your removalist to learn your move’s status and what precautions they will be following.

If your move has been cancelled and you still need to move, you need to contact other firms to confirm availability. You could also rent a moving vehicle and relocate on your own.

Check your removalist’s Covid-19 policy

You need to verify your removalist’s Covid-19 policy by visiting their website. Each firm has developed its own set of protocols for the pandemic, but they are mostly based around sanitization and social distancing.

It is advisable to clear any doubts you have about your mover’s Covid-19 policy.

What should I do to cancel my move?

It is better to contact your removalist directly if you are cancelling your move, Moving contracts are flexible, implying that you can cancel your move up to a fixed period prior to your moving day without incurring any fine.

You may get a refund on your deposit if there is such a clause in your moving contract.

What steps are moving companies taking?

Most removalists Melbourne are following the essential protocols for the safety of their employees and customers.

The practices they are adopting

  • They are following policies like social distancing and sanitization
  • Regular sanitization of all their equipment and tools
  • They are providing quotations by making virtual surveys instead of in-home surveys
  • Their employees wear masks and gloves during moves
  • They keep their vehicles stocked with hand sanitisers
  • Their staff try their best to maintain physical distancing with customers

How you need to prepare for your move

Planning your move well is essential, especially during this pandemic. We have collected the following useful tips that will help plan your move:

  1. Get in touch with your movers: It is crucial to contact your removalists Melbourne to confirm your reservation and discuss the best course of action on the moving day.Most moving firms are aware of the new guidelines and are doing their best to safeguard their customers. Discussing with them will help you to be well-prepared for your move.
  2. Get all the packing materials: You can avoid multiple trips to the store and get all your packing supplies in one go.Take the help of your mover to estimate the packing supplies you need based on the number of rooms in your home and total family members. When not sure about the amount, you can also get extra supplies.
  3. Sanitize your belongings: You can use this chance to clean all your goods with disinfectant solution. You can prepare one at home by mixing a small quantity of bleach with water.
  4. Pack well ahead of the moving day: It is advisable to complete your packing at least a day before the removalists arrive.It is better to pack your boxes and keep them untouched in a separate room a day before your move for safety reasons.

Hacks to make your move smooth during the pandemic

Most people are unsure of the rules to be observed during the lockdown. These useful tips will help make your move smooth:

  1. Help your movers maintain hygiene: You need to assist your movers by placing hygiene products they can use while conducting your move.Keep sanitisers near the door to be used while entering and exiting your rooms and also place soap, and paper towels near the sink. If you are short on supplies, inform your removalist so that they can bring additional supplies when they come.
  2. Be honest to your mover if someone is ill: It is essential not to be selfish in these troubled times to prevent the virus’s spread.If anyone in your family is experiencing signs of coronavirus infection, inform your mover. This will help them employ additional safety measures to protect their workers.
  3. Avoid free or recycled packing boxes: It is better not to use free packing materials like boxes as the coronavirus is known to remain on surfaces like cardboard for nearly 24 hours.If you already have boxes or cartons at home, you can use them. But if you are falling short, it would be better to purchase new ones.
  4. Postpone your move if your risk is high: If you are above 60 or having some underlying health condition, you should think of cancelling or postponing your move. You need to wait till it is safer for you to move.
  5. Plan well for any travelling: if you need to travel or book hotels for your move, reserve rooms at hotels with a refund policy and where the cancellation is free. This will help you avoid wasting money.
  6. Inform your movers early about the cancellation: If you have cancelled your move, it is better to inform the removalist early.If you are not cancelling, but just want information about the cancellation process, contact your mover who will clarify your doubts.

By following these useful tips and adhering to the guidelines strictly, based on sanitization and social distancing, you can be assured of a safe move during this Covid-19 pandemic.

By hiring a reputed house movers Melbourne who are updated about the latest rules, you are guaranteed a stress-free move.

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