How to Pack Boxes for Moving?

The moving process can be extremely stressful and emotionally exhausting as relocating the entire home is never easy. You often need to hire the services of a removals company for transporting your belongings while moving house. However, you might choose to pack your household items yourself to make the relocation process more cost-effective. The key to packing all your belongings in a way that minimizes the risk of damage is by choosing the right packing materials such as packing paper. In this context, using cardboard boxes of the right size and quality is of utmost importance as most household items can be easily stored in these boxes. 

Importance of Using The Right Boxes 

Using the right types of boxes makes the packing process simpler and hassle-free. Different types of moving boxes are available for packing specific items such as clothing items, delicate items, furnishings, etc. You can also pack in used boxes and do a fantastic job with the same by following the right moving tips.  These boxes are specially designed to keep delicate items safe and damage-free during transportation and handling. However, to choose the right size boxes in sufficient numbers, it is important to create an inventory list of all the household items. This also makes the packing and unpacking process easier besides helping save time and effort in trying to fit more stuff in smaller spaces. It is equally important to know the best ways to pack all the boxes perfectly to keep the packed items safe. Read this blog for more helpful tips yesmovers has been compiled the list for packing boxes while moving house.

Tips For Packing Boxes While Moving House 

To pack boxes for moving with professional perfection might seem to be an extremely difficult task. However, following the below-given few tips while packing a moving box can make both interstate and local moves less demanding and more relaxed. 

1. Use Sturdy Boxes 

To start with, it is important to use sturdy boxes for moving that do not bend under the weight and can be carried around without the risk of their bottoms falling out. The sturdiness can be further enhanced by cross-taping the bottom of the bigger boxes with good-quality packing tape. It is equally important to procure the boxes and packaging paper from the right vendors known for offering premium quality boxes. 

2. Pack Least Used Items First 

Start by packing the least-used or unnecessary items or place heavy items at the bottom of the boxes. Packing the goods of the entire house in this way will enhance the safety of light items. This will make the unpacking process a lot easier by keeping the essential items within easy reach.    

3. Use Smaller Boxes for Heavier Items 

Pack heavy items such as books in multiple small boxes and fill the boxes up to only half with such items. Filling the other half with lighter items such as small cushions or stuffed animals creates a better weight balance.  Moreover, carrying several smaller boxes that are a bit heavier is easier than moving around a single box big enough to contain all heavy items.  

4. Pack The Items of One Room at A Time 

Rather than packing items randomly belonging to different rooms of the house, it is advisable to start packing the items in one room at a time. This helps in making the packing process more organized and stress-free. It is equally important to label boxes according to the room and the type of items they contain to avoid any confusion while unpacking the things. 

5. Pack Delicate Items Properly 

When packing fragile items like china, artwork, or breakable items, it is important to use enough cushioning to keep them safe. Such items should be packed in bubble wrap before placing them in pack boxes. Fill any gaps and spaces between the items with old newspapers or rolled towels or even toilet paper rolls to minimize the chances of damage due to collision during transportation in the moving truck. 

6. Use Wardrobe Boxes For Packing Clothes 

Hanging clothes even in transit ensures that they are ready to wear when they arrive at the new house. This is quite unlike taking out wrinkled clothes from packed boxes or luggage items and ironing them before they can be worn. Some wardrobe boxes even come with plastic bags to enhance the safety of delicate fabrics. 

7. Seal The Boxes Properly 

Once a box has been filled to the brim it should be sealed shut properly using the proper packing supplies like tape roll and ropes. Handling the perfectly packed boxes is simpler and placing them inside the transportation truck becomes a bit easier. When every moving box is packed to the top and sealed, it can be placed on top of other large boxes. This helps in reducing the overall volume of the goods to be moved, which is a vital factor considered by moving service providers to calculate the cost. 

8. Pack An Essentials Box 

One of the most important and helpful tips for you to remember is to pack an essential box separately. This box may contain items that you need every day such as toiletries, toilet paper, hand towels, some packed food items, and even a change of clothing for each family member. This box should not be placed with the other pack boxes for moving in the transport truck. Rather it should be carried along by you in whatever means of transport you are using.   

Follow Up 

Following the above packing tips can help you pack boxes for moving like a pro. Rather than worrying about how many boxes you need or the best ways to pack in a few boxes, you need to focus on packing efficiently to make avoid seeking the services of a moving company.

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