How to Pack wine glasses for moving

If you are lucky enough and shifting to a new house, you are probably up to your knees in packing and boxing paper. You may be trying to figure out how to pack home items properly so that it ends up in a single piece in your new house.

Well, we are here to help with the wrapping of one of the most difficult items, i.e., wine glasses. Due to their odd shape, people cannot figure out how to pack wine glasses properly, and due to incorrectly packing wine glasses, their long delicate stems break during transit. You must have seen many new homeowners sipping out wine from plastic disposals due to broken wine glass after a move.

But, let’s try to put some elegance in the new house from the start by exploring how you can properly pack wine glasses for moving to keep them safe and provide more protection.

What are the best ways to pack wine glasses for moving?

Below are some useful tips for packing fragile wine glasses during a move.

1. Donate the glasses which you do not need anymore

Donate the glasses which you do not need anymore

To protect the wine glasses and make your shifting lighter and easy, you should always choose to donate wine glasses that are no longer needed. Donating glasses will help in creating more space in your new pantry. But before donating, make sure to clean and pack wine glasses properly with the help of the tips mentioned below. You can look for the best charitable organization or give it to a family member or friend who needs wine glasses.

2. Using a wine glass box or cell boxes with a cardboard divider

Using a wine glass box or cell boxes with a cardboard divider

The first and crucial step in packing glasses is selecting the right wine glass packing box. The box you choose should be strong as light boxes never provide enough security and support for stacking and lifting.

Considering wet and old boxes is also a bad idea as they are already compromised by water and age. These weak boxes can be easily crushed when stacked, and the wine glasses or bottles may end up broken. They may also give way when you lift them; the wine glass could drop on the floor and break easily. So, it is always recommended to consider a new wine glass box with a cardboard divider.

Where can you buy a wine glass box with enough room and a cardboard divider

Wine glass boxes with dividers, also known as ‘glass packing kits,’ can be purchased from any shop selling cardboard or cell box and right packing materials. But if you do not want to spend money, you can also make this box home with the help of a new firm cardboard box.

In this DIY method, you can create dividers according to your need, i.e., the shape and size of wine glasses. Make sure the box is not having one layer at the bottom. You should add more layers by placing one sheet and a towel.

3. Securing wine glasses from moving inside the box

ecuring wine glasses from moving inside the box

The right way to protect wine glass from moving in the boxes is to use a packing paper combo and cardboard dividers. The box dividers ensure that the box’s interior is separated into small squares to fit every wine glass properly. The number of partitions will vary according to the size of the boxes and wine glass.

You can use the packing paper to make a solid base and make new layers for more partitions to fit in if the box is deep. With every layer of cardboard dividers and scrunched-up paper, you can also fit as many wrapped glasses as possible inside the box without worrying about shifting or crushing during transit.

You can also use bubble wrap instead of packing paper. It is vital to squeeze/crumple the packing paper lightly to make the grip better and create a steadier base layer.

4. Pack each wine glass

Pack each wine glass

Packing a wine glass is a very crucial step of the process. This is how you can do it properly.

1.You have to start by scrunching packing paper in a ball shape and gently stuff it inside the wine glass. You can also use white tissue paper instead of packing paper. Repeat this step until the wine glass is filled. Make sure to stuff the paper tightly without leaving any gaps.

2. Now lay out a packing sheet and put the wine glass diagonally across the bottom corner of the packing paper.

3.Now take the edge of the right packing material and gently wrap it around the wine glass.

4.Roll the paper sheet around the glass until you are halfway through the paper.

5.Fold the ends of the packing paper at the bottom and top of the glass. Repeat the process of rolling until complete. Put the tape at the end to prevent any opening. It offers extra support to the glasses. Make sure to accommodate glasses individually and, if possible, create double-thick walls to provide most protection. Stack every wrapped glass properly in the box.

5. Secure packing boxes properly

Secure packing boxes properly

It is very important to secure the cardboard box properly using the right packing material; most people fail here. Two major components are involved here.

1.Securing the moving box from inside

Make a base layer of the scrunch-up wrapping paper (use extra packing paper to distribute weight equally). Instead of paper, you can also use towels, newspaper, or tissue paper.

2. Securing the storage box from the outside

Secure the bottom with strong packing tape. To add strength, apply tape 2-3 times. This will prevent moving boxes from opening. Repeat the same process on the top of the cardboard box. Make sure to put less pressure on top while putting the tape as it may break the glasses. Ensure there is no bulging in the box as it can damage glass. Also, do not forget to fill empty spaces inside the box and label the boxes as fragile contents.

After this step, your wine boxes are packed properly and ready for the moving process. As it is very fragile, so it will be best to put it directly on the floor of the truck of the moving company or your car to avoid any breakage by falling from height.

Wrap Up

Now you must have got some confidence in packing your wine glasses safely. If you pay special attention to these packing tips, you can transit your fragile glassware securely to your new home. At Yes Movers, we have professional removalists who can lift bulk boxes as well as help in packing the boxes when moving. You can also follow the same tips for packing wine bottles. Just make sure to use the correct packing materials.

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