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Moving houses and relocating is mostly seen as a chaotic thing. Selecting the right house movers in Melbourne can be a difficult task due to the number of options available.

It is important to select the right removalists as well as the right vehicle size when moving out.

When you hire a moving truck the right size, you will save time and money as you will not have to do multiple trips to load and unload the items from old to new.

This is where a proper selection of man and van service comes in handy.

The different quantities of goods to be transported require different sizes of the transport vehicle.

This article provides you details on the selection of the ideal vehicle size, which will save you the chaos and make your experience smooth.

Truck Sizes and Applicability

We are providing details of vehicle sizes commonly used by all removalists and man with a van company. It is important to select the ideal moving truck size for hire. The different truck sizes and their applicability are as follows:

Small Sized

The small-sized trucks come with a carrying capacity of 2 tons. They have a volume of 7 cubic meters. It is commonly referred to as a man and a van. These truck sizes are ideal for moving out 1-bedroom apartments that have a single bed, small fridge, table, and other items that can be accommodated in small boxes. It must be noticed that these van sizes cannot accommodate full-sized fridge, three seater sofas, double bed and other large sized furniture.

Medium Sized

This is a medium-sized truck with capacity of about 4.5 tons and volume of 21 cubic meters. It is suitable for moving out 2-3-bedroom houses and medium-sized offices. It can accommodate tall size fridge and most of the large furniture commonly used in houses. The medium sized truck along with 2 removalists are sufficient to move out 2-3-bedroom houses where the destination address is nearby.

Large Sized

A large sized truck has a capacity of 6.5 tons and volume of 38 cubic meters. It is suitable for moving out 4-5-bedroom houses and large offices. It is mainly used for travel to distances in excess of 20 Km or for interstate travel. In case the distance is 20Km or less, it is advisable to hire a 4.5 tons capacity truck as it will be more cost-effective to do so. It can accommodate all the big and heavy furniture in the house. If the house has more than one floor then one extra removalist can be hired to complete the process faster.

Extra Large

The extra large sized trucks can carry up to 8 tons and have a volume of 45 cubic meters. These trucks are exclusively for interstate travel and moving out. It is advisable for more than 5-bedroom houses and large offices.  It is suggested to hire at least 3 removalists for this kind of moving out option.


The customers should work out with the moving company about the ideal size of the moving truck to be hired. Selecting the ideal size vehicle for moving out saves time and cost and smoothens the entire experience. It can ensure hassle free shifting and peace of mind instead of a highly chaotic experience for the customer. If you are planning to move house and want to know the moving charges in Melbourne, you can request an accurate quote on the website. 

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