Tips For Moving Furniture With Yes Movers

Home moving services are pretty common as people always keep traveling from one place to another.

Moving heavy furniture is a huge challenge, whether you’re relocating or simply rearranging. Looking ahead to a fresh life in a new home can be thrilling.

Some people see getting out of their previous residence as the start of a new chapter of their lives.

Regardless of how excited one might be, easy strategies should be used to lift massive, uncomfortable objects without harming the back, home, or furniture. While some people choose to do the entire process alone and save some money and time, others hire home furniture movers.

Regardless of whether one hires home movers or not, here are some helpful hints for moving furniture to a new home, condo, or even a different space:

  • Strategise

When it comes to carrying heavy furniture, being as effective as possible is the aim.

Have a list of any heavy object that needs to be loaded into the moving vehicle, and then find out when and where it needs to be loaded.

Prioritize the order in which you’ll handle each piece of furniture, remembering to start with the largest and hardest pieces.

  • Dismantle furniture into the smallest components

The more each piece of heavy furniture can be broken down, the better.

This entails removing all reusable parts, such as cushions, knobs, legs, drawers, and the like, so they can be moved separately, as well as dismantling sectionals and bed frames.

If you need to cut screws or other small parts to complete this, make sure to put each item’s small materials in a baggie and mark them so you know what they’re doing.

  • Ensure that chairs ‘hook’ around corners

A big easy chair can be difficult to manoeuvre.

Take a cue from the pros and “hook” big chairs around corners.

Turn the chair on its side to make an “L,” then push it through the doorway backwards. Then wrap it around the door frame (hook it) and slide it in.

  • Slide stuff instead of carrying or dragging

Furniture slides are available in a variety of shapes and sizes at home centres and online.

Plastic bin tops, Frisbees, bedspreads, running sheets, towels, and carpet scraps will all be used to make your own sliders. For carpeting, use rigid plastic sliders, and for hard flooring, use fluffy padded sliders.

  • Blankets and plastic wrap can be used to protect furniture

Moving blankets are important for safeguarding your belongings as well as your home. Renting them is inexpensive, but you can purchase some for a few bucks extra at home centres or on and keep them on hand at all times. Cover dressers, chairs, and other furniture entirely in moving blankets and protect the blanket with stretch film to avoid scratching the finish and vulnerable edges. 

  • Demarcate point of landing

If you’re moving to a new home, plan ahead of time where you’ll put your furniture. Make a floor plan with the right dimensions for each room, weigh your furniture, and plan your layout before you move. Then, when you carry your belongings in, you (or your helpers, if you’re not there) will put your furniture in the proper location and avoid having to touch it again.

  • Moving straps, furniture sliders and furniture dollies

Moving straps:

When it comes to moving furniture around the home, moving straps are a must-have. When moving heavier items, they will relieve some of the strain on the arms and back. Straps make it easy to carry up the hardest of items. They lower the centre of gravity of the object you’re pulling, allowing you to pass it without having to lean too far. 

Furniture sliders:

If you’re pulling heavy furniture on your own, these are a must-have. Furniture sliders are normally made of single or multi-part plastic and are mounted under each leg or corner of the piece of furniture being moved to make it float around the floor, including carpet. They act by forming a flexible barrier between the object and the floor, eliminating friction that can make moving heavy furniture difficult and reducing the chance of damage to the hardwood, tile, or carpeting.

Furniture dollies:

When carrying furniture, there are two kinds of furniture dollies that can come in handy, but you will usually get away by just getting one on hand. The first is a four-wheeled square board that can be pushed with or without a stick. A two-wheel hand truck, which has a smaller base than a four-wheeled square frame but helps spread weight vertically, is another choice. Until beginning to drive, secure objects to the dolly with rope or extra straps.

  • Incorporate different techniques for different furniture items

To pass certain pieces of furniture, use special strategies. For example, carry couches upright on their sides to get them into doorways. Start from the top of the couch away from the door to achieve several inches of clearance if the couch is a little taller than the door opening. 

These are some of the tips that homeowners must keep in mind when moving from one place to another. It is always advisable to hire home furniture movers and packers. Since these people are already employed in the industry they usually have a better idea and can make the whole process faster and convenient. Yes Movers is one such company of Melbourne house movers, that makes the moving experience a memorable one rather than it being a hassle.

Yes Movers, based in Melbourne’s central business district, has been providing cheap house removals in Melbourne and assisting clients in making a successful and stress-free transition from their home or workplace to their new location for the past 15 years. These Melbourne house movers will assist you with any aspect of your relocation, from packing to unpacking at your new home or office. Yes Movers aren’t your average movers and packers. They provide the best services and house movers who have had professional training.

Yes Movers understands that certain furniture pieces are bulky and difficult to uninstall, which is why they provide assistance in every step of the way with removing and reassembling the furniture to spare you back pain and stress and make the transition to your new house, new chapter a happy and pleasant one!

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