Tips To Move Your House Safely in Bad Weather in Melbourne

It is the consensus that everyone hates moving.

Moving is already arduous and overwhelming, but if we combine that with moving in Melbourne’s rain, it seems like a herculean task.

You ought to take adequate safety precautions while moving in bad weather to avoid unnecessary injuries or damage to your precious possessions.

A common solution is to hire external help from trusted and reputed movers in Melbourne to help you move during this time. 

The right precautions are taken while moving always pays out in the future. We must not only keep our safety in mind but also the safety of our cargo as well.

To help keep you and your precious possessions safe when faced with horrendous weather, we have listed 5 tips on how to move safely during bad weather:

  •  Pay attention to the floor to avoid slipping hazards 

This tip may seem unnecessary, but we can avoid a lot of injuries and damage if we keep this in mind. Simple things like paying attention to the type of flooring or cleaning up spilt water can go a long way. Additionally wearing gumboots can help give a better grip while walking on a slippery surface.

Negligence while moving is our worst enemy, especially in the monsoon season. While the movers and packers in Melbourne enter and exit your home, they also bring wet feet and dirt into your home. Simply putting a mat outside your door can help avoid slipping hazards. You can also flatten and place extra boxes on the floors of your house for extra grip and safety. We should use gumboots to help move items outside during heavy rainfall.

  • Use cardboard boxes 

While moving in Melbourne’s monsoon, you should not get carton boxes. These boxes do not have the adequate structural integrity to withstand the rain. They will fall apart much faster. Instead, you should opt for cardboard boxes. Although they too tend to fall apart sometimes, they do a much better job than a can also use these cardboard boxes in your new home. Adding a layer of plastic or adhesive tape helps ensure that the cardboard box stays tough throughout the journey.  

Alternatively, packing the boxes tightly and wrapping them in a layer makes them very slippery, especially if it is raining. Extra precaution ought to be while moving these big boxes that are wrapped in plastic. Hiring trusted movers in Melbourne can help take this hassle off your mind.

  • Wrap furniture in plastic bags

Moving large items like sofas and cupboards are extremely hard. especially when it starts raining, it is much more challenging to move these large items out. You should use blankets or wrap the furniture in multiple layers of plastic to ensure its safety from the rain. 

If you hire a decent removalist, they will provide you with good quality plastic to protect your furniture. However, if this is not possible you can wrap the furniture securely with garbage bags and adhesive tape.

  • Wait out the storm or reschedule

You mustn’t be a hero while moving if there is a downpour that day, you should try to reschedule. Moving during a heavy downpour is a hazard to everyone and everything involved. 

The monsoon in Melbourne has been getting worse year by year. Great storms and heavy showers are common. If the weather that day does not seem conducive for moving you should wait for the storm to stop or reduce significantly. You should consult your house movers Melbourne and decide on a date where the weather is relatively clear so that you can move safely.

  • Prerequisite preparation

Before moving, we must prepare ourselves for moving. We can start by organising our valuables first. Removing them and keeping them safely before a removalist or a mover comes helps us avoid damage or loss of your belongings.  

Preparing your home is not restricted to just your valuables. If you organise your items well before you start packing or before the movers arrive, the process of moving will be much smoother. Small changes like moving the furniture so that entering and exiting the home should be done too. 

Being prepared also extends to taking the proper precautions during a heavy downpour. Although you can never be prepared for what mother nature tosses at you, you should check the weather forecast and decide the optimal time and date for moving. Having to face howling winds and daunting downpours can be avoided with a little preparation.


Moving does not have to be hard, even when faced with brutal monsoons. If you take all of the five tips into consideration, you can have a calm and safe moving experience.

Hiring professional movers can take a substantial burden off your shoulders. You can sit back and relax while a team of well-experienced and reliable movers Melbourne to help you move.

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