Checklist to Move Out of Your Shared House Easily, Without Any Mess

The last thing you ever want, while moving out of a shared housing, is to have a conflict with your housemate. Too bad if it’s with your best friend! There’s no guide or consensus on who the perfect housemate is but you can try being one by doing things right. Especially when you are moving out.

We have prepared an easy-to-follow checklist to help you move out of your shared house easily, without any conflicts. Let’s delve into it in detail.

1. No, you cannot move out on a week’s notice!

You cannot tell your roommate or housemate you’re moving out this weekend and expect them to be all sunshine and rainbow about it. Give appropriate notice, ideally anywhere between three to four weeks. This buys them the time to digest the news and look for a new housemate.

2. Pack well and on time

You don’t want to leave your housemate wondering if you’ll be packed and moving on time. They might have another housemate ready to move in as soon as you leave. It is difficult to pack and move your stuff while you’re juggling work or study. You can hire a good removalist in that case. Whatever you do, make sure you have a realistic moving timeline and you’re following it.

3. Clean after yourself

You sure want to be remembered after you leave. But not in the form of the soiled mess and clutter you leave behind. Clean after yourself and don’t leave unwanted remnants behind. Here’s a quick checklist on this:

  • Dust windows and ceiling fixtures.
  • Clean door knobs, light switches, bathroom tiles, drawers, toilet, and the sink.
  • Take out all the screws and nails out of the walls. Use putty to smoothen the holes left behind.
  • Wipe the mirror(s) clean and vacuum the outer surface of the exhaust fan.
  • Make sure you empty all kitchen cabinets and clean them. Dispose waste properly.
  • Dust, sweep, and mop your room
  • Clean the refrigerator of all your mess. It would be generous of you if you clean all the racks.
  • If you have access to a shared garden, cut the grass and pull out all the weeds.
  • Clean all the shared appliances you used.
  • Finally, do not forget to clean all counter tops and faucets.

4. Re-evaluate your possessions

Moving is the perfect time to re-evaluate all your possessions. We all are guilty of holding on to stuff we no longer need. Cleaning up clutter will not just give you more space to breathe, it is excellent for your mental health as well. Closets bursting with clothes and piles of disorganized paper- chaos and clutter around can damage you in more ways than you think. It hampers your creativity as well. Re-think and evaluate all the stuff you own. Discard or donate the ones you no longer need. Less clutter, more peace!

5.Clear all your dues

You may have right intentions, but rent and utility bills always become a point of contention if there are communication gaps. Keep two way communication open and be clear on the due payments. Convey your intentions way early. If there are multiple housemates, make sure you keep a record of all the payments cleared from your side.

One last time

Before you say goodbye to your old house and housemate(s), there are a few last minute questions you need to ask yourself. Did you take the trash out? Are you leaving the house with all appliances in working condition? Did you inform your neighbours? Have you put all the keys together to return to your landlord?

Last but definitely not the least, try being a bigger person when moving out. Especially if you want to become lifelong friends! Focus on making the whole process as dignified and calm as possible. Remember, it is not always about ‘winning’.

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