How to Move Your House Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket?

How to Move Your House Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket?

 Moving your house is always challenging. No matter how well-prepared you’re, there are going to be certain expenditures you cannot escape. For instance, you might have to pay double rent and utility bills. Meanwhile, a good removalist is also necessary to keep your stuff safe and secure. What you can do, however, is to keep costs under control by planning well in advance. You don’t need to burn holes in your pocket. Here’s a quick guide to help you on this.

1. Hire a good removalist

 At the risk of stating the obvious, you MUST hire a good removalist. You might be tempted to go for cheaper options but remember, the best ones have ample experience. They know how to pack items safely. From your king size bed to your fragile and delicate crockery, everything will be safe. This way you’ll save tons of your hard earned money from going into fixing damages.

 Wondering how to know if a removalist is good? Well, first thing first, check their reviews- on their website as well as social media. Find out what people have to say about their services. Next up ask relevant questions. Ask them if they train their staff regularly. Do they have insurance? How do they pack fragile items? When should you pay for the service? Compare house moving costs from different removal companies. Don’t forget to compare the services, additional costs, and hidden prices.   

 Answers to these questions will give you a clear picture.

2. Weekdays are cheaper

 Looking to save some extra bucks? Try booking a removalist service for weekdays. Generally, people tend to move house on weekends. This results in removalists being jam packed with appointments. As a result, you won’t have much say on the time of the day moving begins. But if you can somehow manage to get midweek off, moving will be a lot easier on your pocket. Removalists offer cheaper rates on weekdays. As an added bonus, you can set a time as per your availability.

3. Pay attention to the packaging

 Removalists start packing with the biggest items first. Ensure your open spaces and hallways are clear so that they have easy access to your bed, couches, dining table, etc. This will save the removalist team a lot of time resulting in the billable hours costing coming down.

 Another great way to save money is to prevent damages. Ensure the boxes are neatly stacked, instead of overflowing. Boxes bursting open during the move will result in wastage of time, resources, as well as money. You don’t want your pretty dress to be torn midway, right?

 You can also pack up all your small items in a cardboard box well before the actual move. These boxes should be easily movable. You’ll notice a drastic cut in the moving time.

4. Cut moving cost by packing all smaller stuff and carrying with yourself

 Feel like the removalist is really good but the cost is a bit high? You can turn into a real money saver by asking the removalist team to move only bigger items. Pack the rest of the stuff and carry it with yourself.

5. Don’t hesitate to ask for help

 Moving costs can add up very quickly, especially when you opt for packing service as well. You can save costs by asking your friends and family to help with packing. Cook them a meal in return. Make sure you label the boxes correctly. It will make unpacking a lot easier!

 You can also ask them if they have spare boxes leftover from their online shopping or previous move. You can even ask local cafes, shops, and supermarkets for cardboard boxes. Most probably, they’ll give them to you for free as they have leftovers from weekly deliveries. No luck finding free boxes? Request a removal quote from your chosen removalist. Ask them if they can provide extra cardboard boxes. 

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