Helpful Tips for a stress-free move

Yes Movers, your friendly removalist in Melbourne, knows the stresses and strains that play on your mind on moving day. It is quite natural to feel overwhelmed when you have to organise and plan a truckload of things, while still preparing your family for the move.

Never fret! We have you covered. We have prepared a detailed checklist to ease your mind.

Things to take care of a month before the move with a Removalist in Melbourne

It is ideal to start preparing for your move at least a month in advance. This will make the transition smooth and seamless.

Decide the moving day and timeline

This way, you will find yourself more organised and prepared as you have a specific timeline to wind up things at your old place.

Spruce up the interiors and organise repairs

If you need repairs to utilities or interiors done as per your contract of sale/lease agreement, this is the ideal time to get it done.

Organise storage

Short term or long term, storage needs special focus. Yes Movers can organise a secure storage facility for you in any suburb in Melbourne.

Decide on things to take/donate/discard

Start sorting through your valuables to declutter and organise. This will help you decide on a garage sale/organising a skip/planning donations. Dispose hazardous materials,if any, safely.

Organise packing boxes and supplies

If you are self packing, decide on your requirements and get all the supplies needed. Special reinforced boxes for fragile items will put your mind at ease.

Give notice if you are renting

Speak to your landlord and organise a day for inspection to get back your deposit.

Arrange insurance

Though we offer public liability insurance where we offers a “break and repair guarantee” for your products and handle your valuables with absolute care, it is always a smart idea to get extra insurance for added security.

Things to organise 1 Week before Moving Day

One week to go and so many loose ends to tie-up! With a few thoughtful tweaks, you can easily beat unwanted stress.

Visit your new home for a final inspection

This will avoid nasty surprises after your move. If there are issues, talk with your real estate agent/house owner. You can also pre-arrange a local locksmith to change the locking system once you reach.

Finalise specifics with your removalist

This includes clear information about your old and new addresses, finalising packing requirements, Insurance specifics, clear cut cost analysis, timelines and payment options. Arrange for your removalist to visit you a few days prior to moving day. Removalist in Melbourne will give you ample time to ensure all things are in order and everyone is on the same page – right from access points to planning the loading order of your valuables.

Organise paperwork

Complete paperwork for change of address with your post office, bank, and deliveries. In case of an interstate mover, act proactively on relevant formalities and documentation.

Decide on priority packing

Pack your personal documents, medical notes and jewellery in your personal bag. Pack a bag/box with essentials like sheets, towels, pillows, toiletries etc – just the things you need as soon as you reach your destination.

Start packing

Begin with delicate items like crockery and keepsakes. Pack all valuables securely and label them for quick access. Drain fuel from your power tools before you box them up. Store your plants in plastic-lined boxes and keep them hydrated. Pack and label all valuables a few days in advance, to save yourself from last-minute hassles

Pet Transport

Arrange a secure pet transport to ensure the comfort of your beloved pet. 

Ensure that all plans are in place

Recheck flight details or reconfirm other travel arrangements.

Ensure to dump or donate all the furniture that you don’t want to take along.

Being Prepared On Moving Day 

The big day is here! Take a deep breath and spring into action.

Winding up things at your home

.Ensure that ‘high priority’ boxes are set aside in an area with easy access. This will help the removalist load them last and unload them first (at your destination.)

Fix the time you want the removalist in Melbourne to arrive at your house

Reconfirm destination address, route preferences, the total number of boxes, timeline etc with your removalist.

Confirm that all your boxes are loaded and stored securely in the truck.

Leave a forwarding address for mail, with your neighbours.

Make sure that all utilities are turned off and disconnected before leaving the premises.

Recheck all rooms, wardrobes, and cupboards before giving the house keys to your real estate agent/house owner/solicitor.

Settling in at your new home

Mission accomplished! You are at your new place, and it is time to unwind and relax. These helpful tips will ensure that things move like clockwork once you reach your destination.

. Inspect the premises and ensure all safety aspects are fine. Request the removalists to unload and checklist the boxes as and when they are unloaded.

. Instruct the removalists to place the labelled boxes in relevant rooms. This makes it easier for you to unpack and arrange.

. If furniture needs assembling, get the removalists to assemble and arrange the furniture before they leave.

. Make the beds first and set the bathrooms right. Rest of the things can wait.

Check the utilities and connect them to power slots

. Allow 3 hours before you switch on your refrigerator. The coolant gases take time to settle after transit.

. Have a hearty meal and settle in for the night. Home organisation is easy if you are relaxed and comfortable.

Relocation is fun and will open up new opportunities and experiences! We hope our tips have given you a bit of reassurance and direction. Contact us to get quotes to know about your house moving costs in Melbourne. Yes Movers is your trusted removalist partner in Melbourne. Trustworthy service at competitive rates is our guarantee. We are just a phone call away!

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